Monday, April 5, 2010

Goals for Summer Fun

It is hot today...86 degrees. Which makes me think SUMMER! Summer is my favorite. I love it more than fall. The sun shines all the time, you can stay outside listening to frogs until 9:00 and it just seems like people are geared up for fun. I work a lot and I feel panicky if I don't get some legitimate work done everyday. If I'm not careful, I realize, this summer will pass just like all previous summers.....mostly working and aimlessly drifting during free time until I realize I didn't do anything I wanted to do. So, I have made a list of goals of things I want to do this summer -OR- a list of things to do to ensure summer fun. So here summer fun list:

1. Digging for diamonds at Murfreesboro State Park. This is the part of the summer I plan to strike it rich. But, if I don't, it still sounds like a good time. Just kickin it, digging in the dirt like I am 8 years old again in the dirt pile in front of the house.

2. Grilling, lots of grilling. And inviting friends over to eat said grilled food. I hope they like grilled eggplant :)

3. Grow a vegetable garden. Especially tomatoes and squash and mint. Hello mojito.

4. Caves. Visit at least one cave. I live close to many caves and have never been to one.

5. Garage Sale Saturday. I plan to pick one saturday and get up at six like the hardcore garage salers and scavenge for treasures. This just sounds fun.

6. Bake Bread.

7. Have fresh flowers weekly. I just like it.

8. Make gumbo (this possibly could have been someone else's idea but I put it on here anyway. I can share my summer fun with others!)

9. Eat Hubcap Burger. Somewhere in Arkansas there is a restaurant that sells burgers the size of a hubcap. I've always wanted to do it. Must find the place first.

10. Write. More.

11. Spa Girls Weekend!!!

12. Small Town Festivals. Like the Altus Grape (Wine) Festival and the Mountain View Folk Festival and maybe I'll finish out the summer at the Iowa State fair.

13. Fishing. I used to love to go just for the quiet. My Dad and I would go on Sunday and I would fish for like 10 minutes and then read a book the rest of the time. Fishing or reading, I think I'll do it.

14. John Prine concert.

15. Baseball. Arkansas Travelers. But not in August. too hot!

16. Pedicures!

I'm officially excited about summer now. It feels good to dream. I'm thankful for the possibility of summer fun. I'll have to let you know how it goes! What's on your summer fun list?


  1. You are a precious inspiration. I need to figure out what I want to do this summer. All your stuff sounds fun. Maybe we can do some thing together soon!

  2. We definitely should! You definitely will be adding baby to your summer fun!

  3. I would love to join in some of this summer fun! Too often, I also let the summers roll by without doing anything special. I must remedy that situation!