Wednesday, September 16, 2009


To be honest, today I thought I was going to be thankful for sushi. I want to write about something trivial like sushi. Not only is sushi simple and complicated all at the same time (easy ingredients yet I don't personally know anyone who whips sushi up in their personal kitchen) but there are no feelings involved in talking about sushi. But I can't just be thankful for sushi because today, my heart is truly thankful for a small group of 9th grade girls who make up our church Impact group. When I think back on my short life, I can't remember anything quite as tramatic as junior high (and I've even been through a divorce). Junior high was exhilirating and confusing, an eclectic mix of experiencing exciting new things but not knowing exactly how to handle any of those new things. Its hard enough to figure out exactly who you are and how you feel about anything, but then you go and throw boys in the mix. However, these girls come to Impact every week and talk about what is happening to them and they encourage each other and they pray for each other. They are even thankful for this life they get to live. They are excited about what is around the corner and they believe that it is good, this thing that is getting ready to happen to them. This is encouraging. They make me so proud. And I am thankful for them because they remind me that its all going to be ok.

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