Sunday, September 20, 2009


I spent the weekend in Branson with my mom concert-going and shopping. Then I talked to my Dad when we got back. And it is just so good to have people that love you. Sometimes,the parent-child relationship is a hard one to figure out because no one really knows how much room to give the other one. Its hard to find that balance between letting the other one live their own life and staying close enough to know each other and letting each other make their own decisions even if you disagree. But, these are the only people that have known you your whole life and they actually still like you...even though you lied about fact that you would feed the new cat and sometimes you may have even told them to shut up. Of course, there was that year that your parents even thought that maybe an alien came and took over your body and thought maybe they should give you away. In the Old Testament, disrespecting your parents was grounds for stoning. Thank goodness that law didn't stay on the books...there wouldn't be one person alive. Eventually the alien leaves your body and you manage to get through college and get a diploma. You get a job and start living your life. It is at this point that you start to realize what your parents taught you....and you are thankful that they taught you what they taught you. And you also learn new stuff too to compliment what you already knew and you turn into your own person. And then the best part comes...when your parents can become your friend. Your parent could not be your friend when you were living in their house or they wouldn't have been able to teach you anything you needed to know. But now they can be...and you realize your parents are...people. They sacrificed so much to give me life. And I have a good one. Today I am thankful for parents.

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