Saturday, October 17, 2009

Doing it Afraid

There are several things I'm scared of...1. Heights (I simply can't imagine me ever jumping from an airplane because its extremely hard for me to get up on a 10 foot ladder) 2. Snakes (I don't think I need to explain this one) 3. Public speaking (Mostly just in front of people I know) 4. Being in a large room of people and I don't know anyone (I'm kind of shy) 5. Getting my feelings hurt (I just hate how it feels and I like to be happy).

Fears are limiting. The degree to which you let them control you determines how far you go in life. Some things, like being afraid of snakes, I don't ever intend to get over. I'm okay with never being a snake handler. The heights thing is frustrating because you do need to get up on a tall ladder and do things sometimes. The other three...are limiting. Public speaking is required for part of my job. I like to have lots of friends, so to meet new people, sometimes it requires that you are in a room with lots of people you don't know. And when you let people get close to you, they do hurt your feelings. We all do.

I heard a great piece of advice on television about a year ago that has revolutionized how I view fear. She simply said..."Do it Afraid". When you let your fears control your behavior, eventually you get tired of the place you are in because that place is as far as you can go. What can you do to move past that rut? Do it afraid! That simple sentence changed that aspect of my life. This week I have done some public speaking and I actually kind of like it. Today I introduced myself to someone new and made a new friend. And lately I have been opening up a little more, trusting others a little more, not letting hurt feelings determine if I'm happy or not...that is still a work in progress. I refuse to let those things that I fear eliminate possibilities that God has in store for my life. Today I am thankful for doing it afraid.

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