Friday, October 16, 2009

Home Improvement

I love my red tv cabinet. And it is broken. It isn't really a solid indestructible piece of furniture. Periodically the door falls off. I should also mention that I don't normally do home improvement projects that involve saws and wood glue. Once I did cut some tile on my own with a tile saw. But never anything with wood and wood glue and a saw.

After the door to my tv cabinet fell off for the jillionth time and the little wood dowel that makes the door stay on splintered into a million pieces, I realized it was time for action. So I went to the hardware section of Alco (of all places right?) and bought a dowel and wood glue. I was pretty sure I had a saw at home. Wrong. Apparantly I do not own a saw. So, I used the next best thing...a steak knife. I cleared the hole in the door of all splintered debris, cut the piece of dowel to fit in the whole, applied some wood glue and voila!...a fixed door that actually stays on the cabinet. Who says girls can't do lots of things? Today I am thankful that I can do home improvement projects all by myself.

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