Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Meeting Author Celebrities

I really like Donald Miller. I like the ideas that he writes in his books...I like that he writes about things in a way that make me see things differently...I like that he starts his own projects to deal with problems he feels are problems...and he just seems like a really nice guy. I am a book junkie, so don't think I'm weird when I say that I would rather meet authors (like Donald Miller) that I like than movie stars (like Brad Pitt). After reading books written by certain authors, especially memoirs, I feel like I kinda know them (in a non-creepy non-stalkerish kinda way). After watching a Brad Pitt movie, I might like the character that he played but I don't know anything about him as a person.

So, imagine how I felt when I found out that Donald Miller was coming to Little Rock to promote his latest book, a book that I LOVED. I was pretty excited. I got even more excited when I found out that he would sign books afterward and I COULD MEET HIM! I had it all planned out...everything I would say and how I would be really witty. I got to the front of the line with my book and......nothing. I couldn't think of a single thing to say. All I could come up with was thank you and I think I laughed awkwardly a little bit. But, I did get a picture! ( please excuse the way that the belt makes me look two times bigger than I really am. it was better in person i hope) I am thankful that I had an opportunity to meet someone that I admire and that I have a picture to prove it.

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