Monday, October 5, 2009

Patio Oasis

I was sitting on my patio Saturday morning (trying to get Jack to run out some of his morning energy. Unfortunately he is an early riser!) and the sun hit the concrete just right. In just one corner of the patio, the concrete sparkled like really shiny silver glitter. Who knew? Beautiful. I love my patio. I wake up in the morning and have my diet coke on my patio. I eat dinner with my patio at night. I grow tomatoes on my patio. I read with my patio. I think on my patio. Squirrels mock Jack from my patio. Its only weakness is that mosquitos also love my patio. Undaunted I light a citronella candle to get rid of those mosquitos, and my patio becomes even more beautiful. My patio is not just a patio...its an corner of the world that I can just be.

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